Compacting responsibility strengthening measures

2023-03-09 11:30

    In order to effectively do a good job in production safety during the Spring Festival in 2023, the Provincial Institute of Textile Research comprehensively strengthens the safety prevention before the Spring Festival, strengthens the responsibility, grasps the implementation, and makes practical measures to provide a strong guarantee for the work of production safety before the Spring Festival.

    Holding a special meeting on production safety and stability maintenance, communicating and implementing the relevant documents and meeting spirit of superiors, and distributing the company's work on production safety and stability maintenance during the Spring Festival.

    Carrying out special activities of "Boss speaks safety". 

    Work safety inspections will be carried out before the Spring Festival

    Strictly implement the duty system and information reporting system during the Spring Festival.

    Once an accident or dangerous situation occurs, it is necessary to respond quickly, respond effectively and dispose properly. It is necessary to fully build a safety production protection network to ensure that the task arrives at the post, the responsibility arrives at the person and the management is in place to ensure the safe holiday.

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