Company Style

CJTI Development History

Jiangsu Textile Research Institute Inc.

(formerly named Jiangsu Textile Research Institute)

Development History

Provincial Differential textile new product technology development (pilot) base

Jiangsu Differential Fiber Engineering Research Center


Aiming at hi-tech, high value-added functional fiber and new composite fiber materials


Conductive, MicroAntibacterial, Flame retardant, Far infrared, Anti-static, Anti-electromagnetic radiation and Stainless steel fiber and other functional fibers and textiles are well received by market users.


Research on corona discharge dyeable conductive fiber and development of special functional fabric won the first prize of Jiangsu Province Science and technology progress and the second prize of national science and technology progress, filling the domestic blank.


Testing and Certification of Functional Textiles

National Qualificationhigh-tech enterprise

Provincial and Municipal QualificationProvincial metrological certification of physical and chemical testing centerJiangsu Differential Fiber Engineering Research CenterCouncil member of Jiangsu Textile Engineering SocietyWuxi Spiritual Civilization UnitWuxi Enterprise Technology Center

University Cooperation QualificationGraduate Workstation of Jiangnan University

Evaluation Service for Functional Specification of Textiles

With the rapid development of functional textiles, these specifications are increasingly enhanced and widely used in general textiles, such as functional clothing, sportswear, outdoor wear, smart textiles and protective clothing. TTRI provides evaluation items as following:

● Moisture absorption, perspiration and quick drying-liquid moisture Management Test
● Cool/warm touch feeling test
● Heat-regenerating and thermal property test
● Dynamic thermal regulation test
● Anti-static test
● Ultraviolet resistance test
● Transparency test
● Waterproof and breathability test
● Elastic property test
● Electromagnetic shielding test
● Infrared analysis
● Odor analysis

Capacity for scientific research

The company has 82 employees, including 28 scientific and technological personnel.

There are 2 senior titles and 7 associate senior titles (2 persons of "333 High-level Talents Training Project")

12 Intermediate titles.


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