R&D Center

          Jiangsu Textile Research Institute Co., Ltd. (refered as CJTI) was founded in 1958. It is one of the earliest scientific research institutions in China engaged in the research and development of new textile materials, new processes and new products. CJTI has strong scientific and technological research and development capabilities, advanced experimental methods and equipment, and its scientific and technological products are widely used in many fields. We have Jiangsu Province Differentiated Fiber Engineering Technology Research Center, which aims at researching and developing high-tech, high-value-added functional fibers and its products. At present, we have successfully developed functional fibers, stainless steel yarns and functional fabric products with conductive, ultra-fine, antibacterial, magnetic, radiation protection and other functions, which are highly recognized and welcomed by our clients. 

         CJTI not only adopts strict quality management system in all aspects of the production process, but also sets up a physical and chemical testing center to make professional testing for various functional indicators of products, so as to ensure that the products manufactured meet the highest quality standards. This is not only our firm commitment to product quality, but also a full reflection of client trust.


Adhere to Innovation Proceding All

Due to our continuous persistence in R&D and innovation over the years, we have won many awards in the industry. 

"Dyeable Composite Conductive Fiber and its Products" won the first prize of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award and the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. 

"Differential Fiber Technology" was awarded the "Major Technological Progress Award for Promoting the Upgrading of China's Textile Industry" by the China Textile Industry Association. 

In addition, CJTI cooperates closely with many well-known domestic universities and establishes graduate workstations to achieve technology iteration, resource sharing, and complementary advantages.

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CJTI Physical and Chemical Testing Center

The physical and chemical testing center of CJTI is an authoritative organization specializing in research and testing with a history of more than 60 years. It is mainly engaged in the identification of textile materials, such as the physical and chemical properties of fibers, yarns, fabrics, textile fabrics and clothing, color fastness, anti-static performance and other items. It is also the earliest unit engaged in the testing of antistatic fabric products, and has drafted and participated in the formulation of relevant industry standards. 

The center has a complete set of professional anti-static testing instruments and equipment, which can test the surface resistance, volume resistance, friction resistance, half-life, charge surface density, charge quantity and point-to-point resistance of fabrics, and provide corresponding technical consultation to clients. Main testing varieties: fiber, yarn, fabric, clothing, home textiles etc.

Major Test Items


Analysis and Evaluation of Appearance and Composition: Organizational structure, latitude and longitude density, etc.


Physical and Mechanical Properties: Various types of strength and elongation.


Color Fastness: Such as color fastness to rubbing, color fastness to washing, color fastness to dry cleaning, etc.


Dimensional Stability: Such as washing dimensional stability, dry cleaning dimensional stability, ironing dimensional stability, etc.


Component Analysis: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of various fibers and fabrics.


Safety(GB18401 complete test): such as PH, formaldehyde, color fastness, odor, decomposable aromatic amine, etc.


Functional Testing: such as water resistance, oxygen index, flame retardancy, electrostatic properties, magnetic properties, etc.


Main Reference Standards: GB, GB/T, FZ/T, ISO, AATCC, EN, ASTM, JIS, etc.

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