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Jiangsu Textile Research Institute Inc., founded in 1958, is a high-tech enterprise with a long history in China. Based on the application research and development of special functional fiber materials, the company focuses on the research and development and industrialization of industrial textiles such as safety protection and high-performance fiber reinforced materials. It is one of the pioneer enterprises engaged in the research and development of new textile materials, new processes and new products in China.

Jiangsu Textile Research Institute Inc. Jiangsu Textile Research Institute Inc.
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Our Advantage

  • Over 60 Years Experience

    Over 60 Years Experience

    CJTI has more than 60 years of R&D and production history of specialty materials and fabrics, and is committed to innovation and quality. By continuously promoting the development of the industry, we provide customers with excellent functional fabric solutions, integrating traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create unique quality and fashionable products.

  • Strict Testing Standards

    Strict Testing Standards

    From the selection of raw materials to the production of final products, we ensure that every process meets strict quality standards, strictly control and professionally test functional indicators such as antistatic, flame retardant, and UV protection etc. The dedication to quality makes our products stand out in the market.

  • Designing Based On Client Needs

    Designing Based On Client Needs

    We are professional functional fabric solutions provider and conducting tailored R&D based on specific requirements, functions, applications, and environments to meet customers' unique needs through excellent design and high-quality production technology.

  • Competitive Price

    Competitive Price

    As a professional manufacturer of functional materials and fabrics, we use independent research and development technology and efficient production processes to ensure that our products reach the optimal level in terms of performance and quality while achieving cost control in all aspects, so that our products not only have with excellent functionality, it can also remain highly competitive in terms of price.

  • Professional Team

    Professional Team

    We are proud to have an excellent team of professionals spanning the R&D and production of functional fibers, fabrics and clothings. Our team members are leading experts in the industry, with extensive experience and deep expertise. They are committed to innovative technology, materials and design to ensure that our products not only excel in performance, but also meet the needs of fashion and comfort.

  • Considerate Service

    Considerate Service

    24/7 online support and prompt response. We not only pursue excellence in product quality, but also focus on providing clients with a full range of service experience. From professional consultation to customized solutions, our team always serves every clients with an efficient and considerate attitude, ensuring that they feel the unique value brought by the brand during cooperation and establish a solid and long-term cooperative relationship.


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