Anti-static coverall clean clothing with a one-piece hat

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  • GA0104A

This is an all-round anti-static hooded coverall suitable for a variety of industries and designed to provide a highly customizable solution.
Minimum order quantity is 500 pieces/color.

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antistatic garments 

Features of Anti-static Coverall Clean Clothing  antistatic garments 

  • Composed of 98% polyester fiber and 2% conductive fiber, the light and thin fabric has a weight of only 120g per square meter and a surface resistance range of 10^6-10^8 Ω, ensuring excellent static electricity control and good anti-static performance. 

  • You can place your job number and department number on the chest strap for easy identification.

  •  Ear net design, breathable, not stuffy, comfortable to wear.

  • Velcro design at neckline, easy to close and wear quickly

  • Special sizes, colors and embroideries can also be customized to meet individual needs.

antistatic garments 

Specifications of Antistatic Garments Coverall with Hat antistatic garments 

Product NameAnti-static coverall clean clothing with a one-piece hat
Material98% polyester, 2% conductive fiber

White, Green, Yellow, Blue or Customizable

Model NumberGA0104A
Shipping portShanghai
DeliveryBy sea/air

Product Performance1、This antistatic coverall clothing is made of high-density fabric, which is sweat-absorbent and dust-proof, bright, soft and breathable.
2、The fabric used has good and long-lasting anti-static effect (10^6-10^8 Ω) and excellent wear resistance.
3、The clothes themselves do not produce dust or stick to dust, and are effective in antibacterial and sterilizing properties.
4、This garment is dust-free and has strong antibacterial and sterilizing properties.
Anti-static standards

GB 12014-2019 "Anti-static Clothing" Standard
EN 1149

Main Applicationlaboratory, biopharmaceutical, clean room, electronics factory, food processing, clean workshop

antistatic coverall clothing

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After years of hard work, CJTI has obtained more than 50 technology patents and awards in functional fabrics.

antistatic garments

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antistatic coverall clothing

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antistatic clothes

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