Adhere to the special, special and innovative

2023-03-09 11:37

    Recently, the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology released the list of small and medium-sized enterprises (the first batch) in 2022 and the list of approved enterprises. Jiangsu Textile Research Institute Inc., with its advantages in the field of textile new materials, has been shortlisted in the list of small and medium-sized enterprises (specialized, specialized, specialized and specialized).

    Specialization, refinement and novelty is a major project implemented by the state to guide small and medium-sized enterprises to follow the development path of "specialization, refinement, specialization and novelty", enhance the ability of independent innovation and core competitiveness, and constantly improve the quality and level of development. "We will support the development of specialized, specialized and new enterprises, and promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing sector," said the report to the Party's 20th National Congress. To promote the specialized and innovative development of small and medium-sized enterprises is an important measure to implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern and promote high-quality development.

    Textile and garment industry is the traditional advantage of Jiangsu. 

    Jiangsu Textile Research Institute Inc. (formerly named Jiangsu Textile Research Institute) is a scientific research institution focusing on research and development of new materials, new process and new products in textile industry. The successful products such as conductive carbon fiber, microfiber, antibacterial fiber, magnetic fibers, stainless steel fiber blend yarns and EMI shielding cloth are very popular and highly approved. Some have won provincial or national awards, for example ‘Dyeable compound conductive fiber and its products have been appraised the first prize for ‘Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award’ and the second prize for ‘National Science and Technology Progress Award’; ‘Differential fiber technology’ has obtained ‘Pushing Industrial upgrading Technology Development Award in 30 years of reform and opening policies. 

    The selection of provincial specialized and special new enterprises is not only the recognition of the innovation ability, research and development ability and comprehensive strength of JiangsuTextile Research Institute Inc., but also firm the confidence and power to strengthen the innovation drive and continue to deepen the main business. We will deepen the development idea of "talent specialization, work refinement, service specialization and novel design", constantly improve the ability of independent innovation, accelerate the transformation and application of achievements, and achieve steady progress on the road of high-quality development.

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